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It is a way for bakers from all over Anacortes & the surrounding areas, to take place in the ultimate flavor challenge 
and promote world peace, one cupcake at a time. 
Yeah I know ...but it couldn't hurt.

How did IRON CUPCAKE begin?

In April of 2008, blogger Sandy a.k.a Milwaukee Cupcake Queen
and Chef Jeff of Fratellos Waterfront Restaurant in Milwaukee,
Wisconsin challenged one another to a cupcake bake-off using obscure ingredients. Jeff had a history with cigarette cupcakes; Sandy had a history with bacon; and they had both wandered down the chili pepper path in the past. The ingredient of choice was Wasabi and thus, IRON CUPCAKE was born. There have been 7 challenges since and popularity continues to grow. Bloggers and readers of No One Puts Cupcake in a Corner, Sandy’s blog, have expressed their disappointment in not being able to participate and thus the birth of IRON CUPCAKE.


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