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IMG_8315.jpg (602968 bytes)

IMG_8319.jpg (455611 bytes)
Mint Chip Chocolate Cupcakes with Crème de Menthe Buttercream

IMG_8323.jpg (395136 bytes)
Peppermint Mocha Cupcake

IMG_8326.jpg (466022 bytes)
Coconut Snowball Cupcakes

20101213_12.jpg (449573 bytes) 2nd Place
French Press Coffee Cake w/Espresso Caramel Buttercream

20101213_17.jpg (463932 bytes) Tie 3rd Place
Champagne Vanilla Cupcake, Fresh Strawberry center 
Whipped Sour Cream Frosting

20101213_14.jpg (522874 bytes) Tie 3rd Place
French Revolution Cupcakes

20101213_13.jpg (449905 bytes)
French Puff Pastry with Vanilla Custard & Chocolate Mousse

20101213_15.jpg (538228 bytes)
Mocha Cafe Cupcake

20101213_16.jpg (552300 bytes)
Maple French Toast & Bacon Cupcakes

20101213_18.jpg (516612 bytes)
Crème Brulee Cupcakes

20101213_20.jpg (410864 bytes)
French Toast Cupcakes with Maple Buttercream

20101213_21.jpg (370770 bytes)
Almond Cherry Cupcakes

20101213_23.jpg (443888 bytes)
Chocolate Cupcakes with Grand Marnier Crème Brulee

20101213_24.jpg (418106 bytes)
French Vanilla Coffee Cupcakes

IMG_8176.jpg (79162 bytes)  IMG_8177.jpg (62107 bytes)  IMG_8180.jpg (97230 bytes)
Chocolate Explosion   Caramel Apple     Chocolate Beer

IMG_8182.jpg (97961 bytes)  IMG_8183.jpg (85207 bytes)  IMG_8184.jpg (109902 bytes)
German Apple Cider  Black Forest     German Chocolate

IMG_8185.jpg (130001 bytes)
Gingerbread Cranberry

IMG_8015.jpg (76056 bytes)

IMG_8014.jpg (100676 bytes)         Ice Cream & Cake Cupcake
IMG_8018.jpg (116694 bytes)
           All American PBJ Cupcake
IMG_8020.jpg (102587 bytes)
Red White & Blueberry Cupcakes

IMG_7866.jpg (119639 bytes)

IMG_7874.jpg (71232 bytes) Dark Chocolate w/Coconut Buttercream
IMG_7869.jpg (93832 bytes)
       IMG_7872.jpg (75857 bytes)Sunshine Cupcakes
Monkey's N Coconuts                                         

IMG_7876.jpg (57209 bytes) 
Rum Punch Cucpakes

IMG_7880.jpg (378475 bytes) IMG_7881.jpg (119528 bytes)
Judging taken very seriously in Anacortes!

IMG_7653.jpg (102155 bytes)

IMG_7648.jpg (80497 bytes)             IMG_7659.jpg (135051 bytes)      IMG_7655.jpg (57341 bytes)
Mexican Hot Chocolate         Churro              Margarita
IMG_7656.jpg (81635 bytes)               IMG_7652.jpg (77927 bytes)  
Margarita                    Nacho Average Cupcake

Not Pictured: Horchata Cupcake and
Hot Chocolate Churro Cupake

IMG_7606.jpg (63358 bytes) WINNER!
Lemon Basil Cupcake w/Ricotta Toasted Pinenut Frosting

IMG_7610.jpg (77958 bytes) Italian Chocolate Espresso Mousse

IMG_7611.jpg (80202 bytes) Tiramisu  IMG_7614.jpg (63475 bytes) Cannoli

missing in action Strawberry Prosecco Cupcake

Some one has to stop her *LOL* in second place by only 4 votes

wearing o green.jpg (93552 bytes)
Wearing O the Green     

 drunken mocha.jpg (76617 bytes)           blarney stone.jpg (111082 bytes)
Drunken Irish Mocha      Blarney Stones

mint mocha.jpg (119281 bytes)    Baileys Cream Delights.jpg (107108 bytes)
Mint Chocolate       Bailey's Cream 

miss_piggie.jpg (225847 bytes)  The WINNER!!
Miss Piggy Bacon Cupcakes

the_elvis.jpg (268749 bytes)     bacon_kiss.jpg (175612 bytes)     bacon_pecan.jpg (261669 bytes)
The Elvis                 Bacon Kiss        Bacon Butter Pecan

dark_porter_bacon.jpg (179928 bytes)     all_shook_up.jpg (198023 bytes)    honey_bacon.jpg (120258 bytes)
Dark Porter Bacon     All Shook up         Honey Bacon

judges.jpg (122574 bytes) judges_2.jpg (46197 bytes)
Judging ... it's a hard job but someone has to!



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