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IMG_9414a.jpg (3016137 bytes) WINNER!!

IMG_9410.jpg (9729275 bytes)  IMG_9417.jpg (8888406 bytes)  IMG_9412.jpg (5856109 bytes)
Pizza Cupcake     Sushi Cupcakes    Eyeball Cupcakes
with Pink Parmesan                                                         
 Ricotta Frosting                                                         


IMG_9175.jpg (4987552 bytes)  WINNER!!

IMG_9172.jpg (8107042 bytes)  IMG_9173.jpg (3994295 bytes)  IMG_9174.jpg (4571314 bytes)
Raspberry Mint      Rosemary Lime       Lemon Thyme




IMG_9019.jpg (402351 bytes) Banana Walnut - WINNER!

IMG_9014.jpg (1811612 bytes)    IMG_9016.jpg (1396367 bytes)     IMG_9017.jpg (412112 bytes)
Pecan Pie       Almond Supreme    Ferrero Rafaello

IMG_9020.jpg (1205275 bytes)         IMG_9022.jpg (616146 bytes)            IMG_9023.jpg (1990004 bytes)
Pistachio     White Chocolate Macadamia     Hummingbird


IMG_8819e.jpg (474482 bytes) WINNER! Lemon Lavendar

IMG_8809e.jpg (434191 bytes)     IMG_8812e.jpg (430485 bytes)         IMG_8814e.jpg (370417 bytes)
Root Beer Float  Kiwi Strawberry  Toasted Marshmallow Latte

IMG_8817e.jpg (436788 bytes)   IMG_8820e.jpg (531457 bytes)   IMG_8822e.jpg (291479 bytes)
Hazelnut Latte  Root Beer Float  Caramel Apple


IMG_8611.jpg (7172480 bytes) Winner - Sailor Jack Cupcakes

IMG_8612.jpg (5826030 bytes)          IMG_8613.jpg (7170697 bytes)     IMG_8614.jpg (6642119 bytes)
Strawberry Lemonade      Peach Cobbler        Creamsicle

IMG_8615.jpg (6582839 bytes)  IMG_8617.jpg (6238158 bytes)
Tiramisu            Triple Lemon


IMG_8559.jpg (390376 bytes)
Snickerdoodle Cupcakes - WINNER!

IMG_8551.jpg (452336 bytes)      IMG_8552.jpg (384946 bytes)
Oreo Cupcakes      "Snackwell" Cupcakes

IMG_8554e.jpg (536580 bytes)              IMG_8556.jpg (412981 bytes)
Girl Scout Samoas Cupcake     Twix Cookie Cupcake


IMG_8515.jpg (533214 bytes)  IMG_8504.jpg (374896 bytes)
Tiffany Barrett - Winner: Irish Car Bomb Cupcake

IMG_8505.jpg (443754 bytes)        IMG_8506.jpg (521450 bytes)
Double Chocolate Stout        Sour Cream Maple Whiskey

IMG_8507.jpg (537320 bytes)       IMG_8508.jpg (578185 bytes)
Irish Car Bomb      Bailey's Irish Coffee

IMG_8509 s.jpg (667634 bytes)       IMG_8510.jpg (435611 bytes)
Irish Whiskey w/Maple         Irish Cream
Frosting & Bacon                        

IMG_8511.jpg (532925 bytes)    IMG_8512.jpg (516768 bytes)
Clover Delight    Irish Car Bomb

IMG_8513.jpg (427718 bytes)
Fully Loaded


IMG_8371.JPG (4089771 bytes)

Blood Orange Cupcakes/Chocolate Orange Ganache
Orange Cream Cheese Frosting

IMG_8372.jpg (438466 bytes)

Key Lime Cupcakes

IMG_8375.jpg (373751 bytes)

Chocolate Orange Cucpakes

No Picture: Pineapple Upside Down Cupcake


IMG_8335.jpg (441300 bytes)
Chocolate Snicker Doodle Cupcake with Chocolate Cinnamon Frosting

IMG_8336.jpg (485397 bytes)
Vanilla Chai Spice Cupcake with Chocolate Cinnamon Chip Buttercream

IMG_8337.jpg (269047 bytes)
Cinnamon Roll Cupcake

IMG_8339.jpg (489175 bytes)
Hot Tamale Cupcake

IMG_8340.jpg (424307 bytes)
Banana Cinnamon Cupcake

IMG_8343.jpg (453384 bytes)



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